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RTP 34: Quarterback Cornucopia

Di and Ted discuss Packers, QB’s, Ravens, and take questions

Di and Ted return with another episode of RTP. In this episode they:

Break down the full legality of Anthony Barr’s hit, fully discuss the Packers game, and break down the NFC North race with the new landscape we find ourselves in. And it may be a rhetorical question, but are the Packers fans the whiniest in the NFL, or nah?They also rank order the QB’s in the NFC North to wrap up the opening segment.

Then it’s time to talk Vikings QB’s. Sam Bradford’s knee is concerning, Case Keenum is holding down the fort, and it’s speculation time about Teddy Bridgewater and when or if he’ll play. They duo breaks down all the possibilities, to include a peak over the horizon to next season, to try and figure out this whole mess and where everything is headed regarding the Vikes and their quarterback.

The final segment talks the Ravens, a score prediction, and listener questions.

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