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Suspension for Andrew Sendejo

Vikings could lose one of their starting safeties for a game after nearly decapitating Mike Wallace

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Minnesota Vikings
The hit that got Sendejo suspended.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings played the Ravens yesterday, a team with a depleted offensive unit coming in. That unit took a further hit when Andrew Sendejo absolutely blasted wide receiver Mike Wallace on a reception over the middle that was first ruled a fumble and then changed to a personal foul call against Sendejo.

Not that you would have known that because CBS was on a commercial break at the time, but I digress.

A day later, the NFL, possibly seeing a pattern starting to develop with Sendejo, have decided to suspend him for a game for the hit.

Mike Zimmer said in his postgame interview that he thought it was a glancing blow and would be sending in the tape for review by the league. Apparently the NFL saw it otherwise, because they handed down this suspension.

Here’s the letter issued by the NFL when announcing the suspension:

The ruling of this suspension will almost certainly be appealed immediately by Sendejo and the NFLPA, but for the moment, the Vikings appear as though they will be down one of their starting safeties for their game in London next Sunday. Any developments on this story will be covered here.

UPDATE: In one of the quicker turnarounds I’ve seen the NFL have on an appeal, Sendejo will remain suspended.