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Your obligatory Aaron Rodgers/Anthony Barr post

The Packers quarterback still has a sad, apparently

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

So, just when you thought that the situation between Aaron Rodgers and Anthony Barr had been put to bed, Rodgers decided he had one more thing to say about it.

According to Rodgers, on an interview he did on Conan on Thursday, after the hit Barr apparently made some unappealing gestures in his direction.

“I looked over at him as I walked off the field,” Rodgers said. “Cameras caught me saying something to him but what they missed was him [giving me the] finger [and the] ‘suck it‘ sign.”

Now, I don’t want to come straight out and say that Rodgers is making this up. It could very well have happened the way that Rodgers described.

However. . .

The game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers was the featured game of the week on FOX that Sunday. They had their pseudo #1 announcing crew there (Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman, as Joe Buck is still off ruining baseball for the greater populace). You know that they would have had the full complement of available television cameras at U.S. Bank Stadium for replays and just general coverage of the game.

Do you not think that if Barr had actually done what Rodgers is claiming that one of those cameras wouldn’t have caught it and we would have seen it more times than the freaking Zapruder film by now? Because I’ll tell you. . .they damn sure would have.

Or that maybe one of the tens of thousands of people that were at U.S. Bank Stadium that day wouldn’t have caught it on their cell phone and had it uploaded to YouTube before the end of the first quarter?

Look, I get that Rodgers is still probably pretty angry about what happened. I would be, too, if I were him. But if you’re going to accuse someone of acting this way, particularly a guy like Anthony Barr that hasn’t been anything but a stand-up guy during his time in Minnesota, you should probably be prepared to present proof. Or, as the kids today like to say, “pics or it didn’t happen.”

And I don’t think Aaron Rodgers (or anyone else) has pics.

Hopefully, this will be the last that we hear about this whole thing. The game is over, the play wasn’t flagged, Barr wasn’t fined, and it really should be a closed matter.