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Everson Griffen hunts down record breaking sacks in London game

He also trash talks Joe Thomas’ replacement, says he’s “shouldn’t be playing guard.”

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Everson Griffen has been on a roll as of late. He has had at least one sack in each game since the start of the season, nine sacks in the first seven games, and this Sunday when the Vikings face the Cleveland Browns in London, he will be attempting to become the first player in franchise history to have a sack in the first eight games of the season.

And making that record-breaking goal became a little easier now that left tackle Joe Thomas is out for the rest of the season. Thomas’ historic run with the Browns is done after last week when he suffered a torn triceps.

While Griffen is upset that he can’t face Thomas, he is happy that he will be playing against Thomas’ replacement, Spencer Drango. Griffen spoke to Mark Craig of the Star Tribune, “He’s a guy who shouldn’t be playing guard. He’s a little slower, so I’m going to use my gift, which is my get off and my speed and go out and help my team win.”

Thomas being is a disadvantage for the Browns and for Griffen himself, he explains, “I really wanted to go up against Joe Thomas, he's one of the best, and I like going up against the best because that's where you make a big name for yourself."

But don’t feel too bad for Griffen, Drango did poorly last week against the Titans and Griffen is ready to take full advantage of that. He said he has studied Drango, “three or four times, five times, six times.” To make sure he is ready come Sunday.

We all have heard the whisperers or yells of how this is setting up to be a trap game. And while that is possible, the Browns have seemed to go into full blown chaos and that includes Drango and their rookie QB DeShone Kizer. Kizer is 0-6 and has thrown three touchdown passes and 11 interceptions, it’s hard not to be confident walking into this game, and to give Griffen the sack record he deserves.