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Ask Roughing The Podcast

A delay in recording means an opportunity to ask more questions

Hey, y’all! I’m not generally affiliated with Roughing the Podcast. . .you know, other than being the guy that leads the crew here at the site. . .but I’m going to pitch in and lend a hand here.

For those of you that don’t listen regularly. . .and if you don’t, shame on you, damn it. . .at the end of each show, Di and Ted take questions from the listeners about the Minnesota Vikings. Well, generally about the Minnesota Vikings. They tackle questions about other stuff, too, while keeping the show family-friendly. But this is an opportunity for you to submit questions for this week’s show.

(This week’s show will be recorded on Thursday, so there’s still plenty of time.)

So, there are several ways for you to submit your questions for the show.

  • The obvious one is to simply add it to the comments of this post. Just post it like you would any other comment
  • You can also submit a question via e-mail by dropping a line to
  • If you’re on the Twitters, you can tweet at the show’s account, @RoughthePodcast. Or you can tweet either Ted (@purplebuckeye) or Di (@dimurphymn) directly. If you use the hashtag #AskRTP, they’ll get it regardless.

Generally, if Di and Ted don’t get to your question on the show, they will give you an answer via the proper medium. (Like e-mail or Twitter. . .not one of those people that reads minds and plays with tarot cards and stuff.)

So, feel free to drop your questions for this week’s Roughing the Podcast in wherever you’d like and see if you’re lucky enough to get on this week’s show!