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Talking Vikings/Bears With Chicago Bears Review

We get an opportunity to talk about this week’s game

We’re just a couple of days away from the Monday Night Football contest between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, folks. Like I have before many of the games between these two teams in recent years, I got an opportunity to sit down with one of the leading Bears’ podcasts and talk about the matchup.

On Thursday evening, I spoke with Larry D from the Chicago Bears Review podcast to go over what we can expect in this NFC North matchup. Of course, we talked about the Bears starting rookie Mitch Trubisky at quarterback after suffering through four weeks of Mike Glennon, how the loss of Dalvin Cook would affect the Vikings’ offense, and numerous other aspects of Monday’s contest.

You can listen to the show via the embedded player below. You can also follow the folks from Chicago Bears Review on the Twitters at @chibearsreview. Hope that everyone enjoys the show!