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Everson Griffen Says He Is Ready to Play This Sunday Against The Rams

Griffen will also continue to be on the hunt for tying the all time sack record.

NFL: International Series-Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland Browns Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen says he is set to return this Sunday after missing last week’s game against the Washington Redskins with foot issues.

According to Andrew Krammer of the Star Tribune, Griffen said that he was cleared to play last Sunday but he felt he needed to sit out to avoid any long-term issues with his foot. When asked about how he was feeling, Griffen said, “My foot feels great. Yeah, I’ll be playing on Sunday for sure.”

That also means that his hunt for his sack record is back on track.

Griffen needs at least one sack in the next two games to tie the record of 10 consecutive games with a sack. Many, including myself, have wondered with Griffen missing last week how does the streak remain intact?

Well, Simon Fletcher of the Denver Broncos and DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys share the 10 sacks streak over the course of two seasons. Fletcher had his in 1992-93 and Ware had his in 2007-08. It looks like in the NFL streaks don’t stop because you miss a game, they stop when you stop getting the numbers.

The way Griffen has played this season, he will no doubt join Ware and Fletcher this Sunday in tying the sack record, and eventually break it.