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WATCH: Rams vs Vikings in the 1977 “Mud Bowl”

A game where things got a little bit sloppy

Chuck Foreman
Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

While our stories about the history between the Minnesota Vikings and their opponents for a particular week focus solely on the regular season history between the two teams, our own wludford put this little beauty in the comments of that post, and I thought I’d put it up here for anyone that wanted to watch it.

This is the video. . .and it’s the full game, so I’m not sure how long it will actually stay on YouTube or anything. . .of the famous 1977 “Mud Bowl” playoff game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings. This game does not take place in Minneapolis, but rather at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, proving that the old song that claims that it never rains in Southern California is a blatant lie.

The Rams had hammered the Vikings during the regular season on a Monday night by a score of 35-3, and the Vikings went into this one being forced to start Bob Lee at quarterback in place of the injured Fran Tarkenton. All the signs pointed to bad things for the purple, but by the end of the evening, they had managed to ride Chuck Foreman and a strong defensive effort to a 14-7 victory.

(Yeah, I told you who won. There’s no such thing as a “spoiler” for a game that happened 40 years ago.)

The Vikings would, ultimately, lose the NFC Championship Game to the Dallas Cowboys, but if you want to see a game from one of the great rivalries of the 70s that was played in some of the sloppiest conditions you’ll ever see, fire this one up and have a watch.