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How are you spending your Vikings-free Sunday?

The Vikings are off this week, so what are you doing on Sunday?

Baltimore Ravens v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

We’ve reached that saddest time of the NFL season for fans of the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, this is the lone week on the schedule where the purple and gold will not be taking the field at U.S. Bank Stadium, or anywhere else, after marching through the first half of their 2017 season with a 6-2 record.

So, with the Vikings not playing on Sunday, how does everyone plan on spending their day?

For me, I get to celebrate having a day off from football by. . .going to work. Yay? Don’t worry, we’ll still have the Open Threads up for the rest of the NFL action in Week 9, but I’ll be up at 5 AM on Sunday to head in for a lovely 12 hours of work. The workplace will have televisions showing whatever games are available locally, but my regular bye week Red Zone Sunday of vegetating in front of the big screen will not be taking place. Frowny.

How about everyone else? Are you taking the family out for some sort of excursion? Maybe getting some yard work or something else done? Will you be sitting in front of the television watching football all day even without the Vikings to care about? Or are you, like me, going to be stuck at work?