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The Film Room breaks down Mike Zimmer vs Sean McVay

We know who won, now we can see why

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

With the Minnesota Vikings having already taken care of their Week 12 business and defeating the Detroit Lions to put the NFC North on lockdown, I want to bring everyone’s attention to some stuff that was put together earlier in the week that, I think, people will enjoy.

When the Vikings took on the Los Angeles Rams a week ago, it was a clash between two men that should be considered among the frontrunners for the NFL Coach of the Year Award. Rams’ coach Sean McVay, the 31-year old wunderkind has led the Rams to a complete 180 as they emerge from the carnage that was the Jeff Fisher era, while Mike Zimmer led a Vikings’ squad that has dealt with numerous injury issues but was still looking to go 8-2 that afternoon.

Our friend Brett Kollmann, the lead writer at Battle Red Blog (SB Nation’s site for the Houston Texans), did a film breakdown of how Zimmer outcoached McVay. . .or, more accurately, how he feels that McVay kind of outcoached himself.

As he always does, Brett does an outstanding job with this video. From this perspective, it’s a bit puzzling why McVay called the sort of game he did. Obviously, this isn’t the entire game or anything, but I’m not sure how many instances there were of the Vikings’ defense just taking things away as it was McVay’s game plan for this particular game.

In any case, this is a good look at things, and if you’re still in your turkey-induced (or leftover-induced) haze, take a few minutes to have a watch.