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RTP 39: Thanksgiving Football Leftovers Are As Awesome As The Food Leftovers

Ted and Di are back with an overload of football

After a week off for Thanksgiving, Ted and Di are back with a bunch of football leftovers. It’s a Thanksgiving Day review, and then it’s Rams and Lions football:

They talk about the five game gauntlet coming out of the bye, and whether or not the Vikings have exceeded expectations by going 3-0 to start the second half. From there, it’s a discussion on naming five wide receivers better than Adam Thielen and also HEY DID YOU KNOW HE GREW UP A VIKINGS FAN?

Then they start out on a Case Keenum ‘other shoe dropping or will it’ discussion before getting sidetracked by Keenum’s ridiculous taunting penalty and the bad officiating overall. Then they get back to Keenum’s performance the last two games and what to expect moving forward.

Then it’s a discussion of whether or not Kai Forbath’s recent struggles will cost the Vikings a game as the competition gets better and the weather gets worse.

Then it’s a discussion of the defense, and particularly Xavier Rhodes, which leads in to a discussion of the upcoming Falcons game, with a game prediction.

Then they play the ‘Will The Vikings Get Homefield Advantage’ game, and talk playoff seeding.

Finally, it’s listener questions, and in one of them Ted tears apart the myth of the Star Wars Jedi Knight (the worst special operations unit in history) and the Rebellion (the most ill-fated and disastrous rebellion in galactic history. Morons, all.

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