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Monday Night Football: Do Vikings fans have a cheering interest?

It’s an all-NFC North matchup on MNF tonight. What are Vikings fans hoping for?

Liverpool Biennial 2006 Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Week 9 of National Football League action concludes this evening, and it concludes with the only two NFC North teams in action this week going head-to-head. On ESPN, the Detroit Lions will travel to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers.

With the Minnesota Vikings currently sitting at 6-2 and in firm control of the NFC North. . .regardless of who wins this evening. . .it’s time to ask ourselves which team, if any, we would prefer to see win this evening.

Now I can assure you that I, just like pretty much all of you, can’t stand the Packers. Anyone that’s followed the site for. . .well, the entirety of its existence. . .knows that. There are very few scenarios where I could see myself hoping for a Green Bay victory.

And yet. . .

If you look at these two teams, and consider the fact that Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to be back until Week 15 or so (if he comes back at all), you would almost have to determine that the Lions are a bigger threat to knock the Vikings off of their perch than the Packers are, right?

But then, if the Packers were to win tonight and Brett Hundley actually looks like an NFL quarterback. . .a bar that he’s sailed well underneath in his first two extended NFL appearances. . .could that give the Packers momentum for the rest of the season?

A win for Green Bay would give them a record of 5-3, and they would have the same 2-1 mark in the NFC North that the Vikings do, though the Vikings still have a head-to-head tiebreaker over them. It would push the Lions down to 3-5.

A win for Detroit would put both teams at 4-4, and Detroit would be 2-0 within the division while Green Bay would be 1-2. Detroit, obviously, still has the head-to-head advantage over Minnesota thanks to their win in Week 4.

So, if you’re watching this evening’s game, who are you hoping for a victory from?

We might even do an Open Thread for this one later today, since I’m assuming that there’s going to be plenty of interest.