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Ask Roughing the Podcast

There’s no bye weeks in podcasting. Well, maybe there are, but RTP isn’t taking one.

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As we know, the Minnesota Vikings had their bye week in Week 9, and the rest of the National Football League responded by being pretty much boring as heck. But fear not, because Ted Glover and Di Murphy are back to bring some excitement to your football lives with a new episode of Roughing the Podcast!

This evening, Ted and Di will be joined by our own Luft Krigare. . .which isn’t his real name, but it would be cool if it was. . .to look back at the first half of Minnesota’s season and look ahead to the second half.

As always, Di and Ted will be taking listener questions, which is why this post is here. There are three ways to submit your questions.

  • The obvious one is to simply add it to the comments of this post. Just post it like you would any other comment
  • You can also submit a question via e-mail by dropping a line to
  • If you’re on the Twitters, you can tweet at the show’s account, @RoughthePodcast. Or you can tweet either Ted (@purplebuckeye) or Di (@dimurphymn) directly. If you use the hashtag #AskRTP, they’ll get it regardless.

The episode will begin taping in a few hours here, so if you want to get your question submitted, get on it, folks!