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Sam Bradford undergoes surgery, out indefinitely

Today’s visit ends in clean-up knee surgery for the beleaguered Minnesota quarterback.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
How many more knee surgeries can a person have?
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported here earlier today that Sam Bradford was visiting surgeon Dr. James Andrews for a new opinion on his knee.

Well he obviously either didn’t get good news or he was just sick and tired of not knowing what was going on with his knee, because Mr. Mortensen just released an update.

I don’t even know how many knee surgeries this makes for Bradford, but I think there’s at least a partial chance he’s climbing towards double digits. Anyway, Bradford has now undergone surgery on his knee and is out indefinitely. The Vikings still have to make a decision about how to clear a roster spot for Teddy Bridgewater and I have to imagine that the news of Bradford’s surgery makes the decision a little easier.

More updates to come when they are available, which should be before 3 p.m. Central tomorrow.