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Thank you, Sam Bradford

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

While most of us are happy that Teddy Bridgewater has been activated to the 53-man roster, there is a terrible downside to his glorious return. That downside is that we have probably seen the last of Sam Bradford in a Vikings uniform. If you follow me on Twitter or have come across my tweets you know that I am thrilled that Bridgewater is back. While I am in a celebratory mode, I do feel terrible for Bradford.

I am sad because he turns 30 today and already has had two ACL injuries and whatever his knee issues are currently, those will weigh heavy on any future teams who will look at him. I am bummed that Bradford couldn’t stay healthy, especially after that first game. While we all can be happy that Bridgewater is back after an unreal knee injury, let’s not forget that there is another person at the end of this story whose knee injury is just beginning.

So, thank you, Bradford, for getting us through 2016 because Shaun Hill was the primary backup at that time and woof. Thank you for giving us that fantastic opening game and a potential glimpse of this season, and thank you for being our quarterback regardless of how long that was. I hope for you a speedy recovery and wherever you end up next you do well. You deserve it.