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Big Holiday Sale at Breaking T Monday and Tuesday

If you still haven’t gotten one of our sweet Vikings’ shirts, you can do so for a discount right now!

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We are just two weeks away from Christmas, everyone, and if you haven’t gotten a gift for the Minnesota Vikings’ fan in your life yet, the folks from Breaking T have given everyone another opportunity to get another discount on the three designs that they’ve put together to celebrate our favorite team.

Yes, by using the code FOOTBALL15 at checkout, you can get 15% off the price of two of our three outstanding purple t-shirts.

There’s the one that started it for us at Breaking T, the classic Duck, Duck, Gray Duck shirt.

There’s also the newest addition to our collection, the Skol Train shirt.

We’ll also mention our sweet Making the Leap t-shirt, but unfortunately it appears to be all sold out at the present time. However, you can always use the link on the page to ask the folks from Breaking T to inform you when more of them are available.

Not only are our shirts discounted, but Breaking T is also offering free shipping for all orders over $50. If you order now, you should get them in plenty of time for your gift-giving purposes.

So, head on over to Breaking T and get your hands on some of our designs. The Viking fan in your life will enjoy the heck out of them.