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Tuesday Open Thread: December 12, 2017

Dolphins over Patriots? What happened there?

Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Merry Tuesday, everyone!

I didn’t get a chance to wade into yesterday’s comments, I hope it wasn’t too bad. After logging onto Twitter Sunday afternoon for a few seconds, then seeing Fearless Leader’s post where he reminded folks that the Vikings are still okay, I’m not sure if I want to. Anyone notice the good guys are 10-3? After the Browns game, and the Vikings had a schedule ahead that consisted of @Redskins, Rams, @Lions, @ Falcons, and @ Panthers, how many of you would have been happy knowing the good guys would come through that stretch of games at 4-1? See? I thought so, now calm down & enjoy our Super Bowl run. Keep it down though, my 3-year old is napping, and I’m enjoying this beer before I go check on my food in the crock pot.

Around the DN since our last open thread:

ESPN, the network full of sports “experts”, seemed to forget who the Vikings’ QB is. We’ll give them credit for realizing that we have a QB.

Chris looks at how the injury to Carson Wentz could have an effect on home field advantage for the Vikings in the playoffs.

Hey everyone, the Vikings are still okay, per Chris. Seeing that title perplexed me for a second, then I remember making the mistake of logging onto Twitter after Sunday’s game and I understood.

Chris let us know about a big holiday sale at Breaking T that ends today.

I can’t wait for this one to air, John Randle: A Football Life will air on December 15 (Dec. 15 is on Friday if you’re in the central time zone, the rest of you will have to do the math).

Eric breaks down five game-changing plays from the Vikings-Panthers game.

According to Coach Zimmer, Reilly Reiff’s ankle is much better than expected, per Chris. Hearing that from Zim means it’s somewhere between ‘fully healed’ and ‘in need of amputation’.

Vikings news from other sources:

At the Pioneer Press, they share Zimmer’s comment that the NFL catch rule is ‘messed up’. I couldn’t agree more, I think they’ve over complicated much of the game, which is one of the causes of the poor officiating that has plagued the NFL for years, and has gotten worse, IMO.

Over at, you can see Coach Zimmer’s media address from yesterday, as well as Everson Griffen talking about the mental mistakes the team made on Sunday, and there are more interviews and analysis to look through in the media vault.

Around the rest of the NFL:

The Dolphins surprised most everyone with a win over the Patriots last night, from the Sporting News. The logical conclusion I draw is that Cutler > Brady, I can’t argue with results.

From Bloomberg, a harassment suit filed against the NFL by a former employee alleges serious instances of sexual harassment and misconduct by an executive, and several former players who were on-air “talents” at the time. Donovan McNabb was named, and accused of sending explicit comments. The comments must have been more understandable than the statement he made the morning after his last DUI.

We come to today’s media selection.

Okay, you can’t make this up. I was looking for a song about overreaction, and I find this. The band’s name is Brad Sucks. I can’t think of anything more appropriate.

Again, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new:

-No discussion of politics or religion
-No feeding of the trolls
-This isn't a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the door
-Keep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)
-Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or movie, please use spoiler tags
-No pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employer
-If you can't disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away
-While navigating the open thread, just assume it's sarcasm

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up & tie one on. Don't forget to tip your waitress, & try the tiger meat.