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Roughing The Podcast, EP 41: It’s Kind Of Up And Down

Di and Ted return, talking Panthers, playoffs, and pondering some questions

Di and Ted are back with another episode of RTP. In it, they touch on:

The Panthers game, and all the ups and downs, on both sides of the ball. But there was also a silver lining in that loss, and they discuss what that was.

From there, it’s playoff scenarios. They discuss a number of possibilities, to include scenarios for the Vikings to clinch the division (simple), to getting a bye (fairly straightforward), to getting back into the top sppot to get homefield for the playoffs (needs some work). But how does the Carson Wentz injury alter that? Ted and Di...wait for it...disagree on how that possibly changes things.

We really don’t preview the Bengals, because they’ve mailed it in, the Vikes are pissed, at home, with a division title on the line. Think about it.

From there, TONS of great questions to answer. Everything from the o-line, to playoffs, and a bunch of others.

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