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We may have a new “Most Famous Vikings Fan”

He. . .he’s got what we neeeeeeeeeeeed. . .

Pandora Sounds Like You NYC Featuring Nas, Young M.A, Dave East And Biz Markie DJ Set Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Pandora

Every fan base in sports, for the most part, has their own celebrity fans. When it comes to the Minnesota Vikings, the list is a little shorter than we might want to admit. We’ve got Josh Duhamel, Nick Swardson, Chris Jericho (or, at least, his wife is a fan), Don Callis (from the world of professional wrestling and the outstanding Killing the Town podcast) and that guy from the How I Met Your Mother GIF that isn’t actually a Vikings fan because he’s not actually a real person.

But today, on Christmas, we may have gotten the gift of one that surpasses them all.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The one and only Biz Markie is, apparently, a fan of the purple.

So, some of you in the younger crowd might be asking, “Who is Biz Markie?” He’s only the guy that’s responsible for what might have been the best ballad to come out of the 90s.


(You know you’re singing along at this point. Don’t lie.)

Gotta say, this is kind of cool. I know it’s not Earth-shattering news or anything, but hey. . .it’s Christmas, and we can only go over the playoff scenario so many more times. So, here we are.

Welcome to the longship, Biz!