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What Vikings’ swag did you get this holiday season?

Did anyone get any cool Vikings-related stuff?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Now that a lot of the holiday season is over, we want to know what sort of cool Minnesota Vikings-related stuff folks got for the holidays. After all, we might want some ideas for what we might want to look for over the course of the year for birthday gifts and things of that nature for the Vikings’ fans in everyone’s lives.

My personal favorite Vikings gift that I got this year was sent to me by my mom. It’s called a Hover Helmet, and it looks like this.

Seriously, it’s been spinning like that for about 24 hours straight now. Effin’ magnets, how do they work, am I right? I think this is probably going to end up on my desk at work, but that’s a preliminary guess.

But, anyway, what sort of cool Vikings’ stuff did you all get during this holiday season? After all, you can never have too much purple in your life, am I right?