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Ask Roughing The Podcast

Got a question for the show? Ask it right here for tonight’s Questionpalooza

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Di and Ted return after a couple day delay due to the holidays, and it’s year end Questionpalooza time.

Look, we’re going to talk about the Packers, but no one really cares about the Bears game this weekend, and the second seed is pretty much a done deal. Yeah yeah, I get it, Vikings and all that, but I just don’t see the Vikes losing to the Bears. Of the 32 possible outcomes for the games that affect the Vikings and the number two seed, only two possibilities allow for the Panthers to overtake the Vikings:

I just don’t see it happening. So we know playoff seeding for the Vikes, probably. We only want to see the team win and get out of the Bears game injury free, and the Packers game HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WOOOOOOOOO SWEEP yeah...we’ll talk about that.

So we want to use most of the show to answer questions, about anything and everything. You wanna talk Christmas, we will. New Year’s, sure why not. New Year’s resolutions, playoff opponents, movies, TV ask us, we’ll answer the Questionpalooza.

Hit us up in the comments, or reply to this tweet:

We’ll talk to you tonight, then, okay?