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Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: Game time, channel, radio, streaming and more

It’s the last regular season game of the year. How can you see or hear it?

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

This coming Sunday marks the last day of 2017 and the last day of the 2017 NFL regular season. For the third time in four years, the regular season will end with the Chicago Bears visiting the Minnesota Vikings, and the Vikings are looking to lock up a first-round bye in this year’s NFC playoffs. A victory over the Bears would guarantee that for them, and while they could get it based on the outcomes of several of the games that will kick off in the late window, it would be significantly easier on everyone if they took out their NFC North rivals in this one.

So, how can you keep track of all of the action?

Television Info

For one final time this year, we get to see Vikings football at that most optimum of times, that being noon Central on Sunday afternoon. This one is going to be broadcast on FOX, which is KSTP-9 in the Twin Cities area, and the play-by-play will be handled by Kevin Burkhardt and everyone’s favorite analyst, Charles Davis.

If you’re not in the Twin Cities area, there’s still a very good chance that this game is going to be on in your broadcast area. According to the map from the good folks at 506 Sports, a pretty significant chunk of the nation is going to have this game as their early offering on FOX. The Bears/Vikings game is represented by the red area on this map.

If you’re still not within the coverage area for this one and need to find it on your DirecTV Sunday Ticket package, you’ll want to point the box to Channel 709.

Those of you watching this game from Canada will be able to find this one on four different CTV networks. They are CTV Alberta, CTV BC, CTV Saskatchewan, and CTV Winnipeg.

For everyone in the United Kingdom, this one is not going to be on any of the regular channels for NFL broadcasts over there, so you’ll have to use a service like NFL GamePass. Kickoff is set for 6:00 PM UK time.

Those of you that might want to see this one on the American Forces Network are not so fortunate. According to their schedule, they are not showing this week’s game at all. Not live, not on a replay, nothing. Yeah, I don’t understand it either, but that’s what they’re rolling with. I hope, for everyone’s sake, that AFN can see fit to actually broadcast the Vikings’ playoff games.

Radio Info

If you’re not going to be anywhere near a television for this one, you’ll be able to hear the call from Paul Allen and Pete Bercich on the Vikings Radio Network. That link goes to a list of Vikings Radio Network affiliates across the Upper Midwest. See if yours will be carrying the game. There are a couple of other places you can find it online as well, including the TuneIn radio service as well as the KFAN site (if you’re on a desktop or laptop computer only. . .it won’t work on phones or tablets).

If you’re going to be listening via satellite radio, you can have the Vikings’ feed on Channel 83 on either the Sirius or XM dials. If you’re using the SiriusXM Online App, the Vikings’ permanent home there is Channel 819.

Referee Info

From what the folks at Football Zebras tell us, the officiating crew for this week’s contest will be headed up by Craig Wrolstad. It appears that Wrolstad’s crew has not been involved with a Vikings’ game since back in 2014 (at least from what Pro Football Reference says). He was the head referee for the Vikings’ 19-13 overtime victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Weather Info

The game itself is going to be indoors, which is good considering how freaking cold it’s going to be outside. If this was an outdoor game, it would be on the short list of coldest games in NFL history, as temperature at kickoff is forecast to be in the negative teens, with wind chills approaching 30-below. We’ve been over this, folks. . .make sure you dress warmly if you’re headed to U.S. Bank Stadium.

Streaming Info

There are several other subscription services that are available in order to stream the game legally. Among them are, USTVNow, and Sling TV. If you’re overseas, your best bet is going to be NFL GamePass.

Please do not come here and promote illegal streams for people to watch games on. You know those guys that show up in the content section on game day and post the things with the big, annoying graphics that say “WATCH NFL FREE HERE?” Those people get banned. The same thing will happen to you, regardless if you have 10 comments here or 1,000 or 10,000. You’re not a hero for finding a way to watch the game illegally, so please don’t do it.

That should be all of the information you need in order to keep track of all the action from U.S. Bank Stadium between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon. We’ll have our Open Thread for the first quarter up about an hour before kickoff or so, and we hope that you’ll join us here for all of the action!