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Roughing The Podcast, Episode 40: Running The Gauntlet

Ted and Di talk Falcons, Panthers, and playoffs

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Di and Ted are back with another episode of Roughing The podcast. In this episode:

They get into the holiday spirit and discuss artificial or real trees, and white lights or multi-colored lights.

From there it’s football, and the Vikings impressive win in Atlanta.

Case closed? Case Keenum completed his last 15 passes, to include going 13-13 in the second half. Stat line: 25/30, 227 2/0 120.4. He has now exceeded a passer rating of 100 in 4 straight games, tied with 2009 Brett Favre and 2000/2004 Daunte Culpepper for the longest such streak in team history.

Two drives encapsulate this team on offense, and they discuss what they were, and why they might be championship-caliber drives.

On defense, it was Julio v. X Man, and how Xavier Rhodes and the defense shut down a potent Falcons attack.

They finish up the Falcons game by discussing the refereeing and where Jet McKinnon’s Dirty Bird TD celebration ranks among the rest this season.

From there it’s playoff seeding, and how the Vikings are a quiet #1 seed, what the clinching scenario is to win the division, and whether or not the Vikings will end up with the top seed when it’s all said and done.

Vikes win the NFC North with one more win.

Do the Vikings end up with the #1 seed? (Currently Us, Philly, Rams, Saints Sea, Car)

From there it’s on to the Panthers, who took a tough loss to New Orleans but are still the 6th seed. They discuss how to beat the Panthers, and predict the game outcome.

They wrap up the show with listener questions.

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