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Purple FTW! Podcast: Vikes Wars: The Force Awakens feat. Yinka Ayinde (ep. 471)

The Minnesota Fightin' Vikings are trying to go all Han Solo on the 2017 season and Skywalker their way to a Lombardi trophy presented in early February at Historic US Bank Stadium. It would be very Chewy if..... Alright, I've never seen the Star Wars movies. Whatever. We've got Yinka Ayinde (@saxyprince) of The Daily Norseman/Zone Coverage/Climbing the Pocket Podcast at the Blue Door Pub to talk about the Vikes in the 1-seed, if he's finally a believer in Case Keenum, and if he's *finally* allowing himself to get his hopes up about this season's team. All that and more "Spittin' Hot Fire" chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!