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Changes To The Vikings’ Mock Draft Database For 2017

With no first round pick, it would be pretty hard to do this for the purple this year.

Mock Draft Database v9.0 Donut

For the past four seasons, one of the better things we’ve done during draft season has been the Mock Draft Database. This Database, which eventually grows to 100 mock drafts by the time the actual selection process rolls around, has given us a look at what the Minnesota Vikings could potentially be doing with their first round pick (or picks) in the NFL Draft.

Unfortunately, the Vikings don’t have a first-round selection this year, courtesy of the Sam Bradford trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. This would likely make the Mock Draft Database as we’ve done it over the past few seasons much more difficult to do. After all, by the time we got to the final Mock Draft Database for last season, only about 30 of the 100 mocks we featured in our database went into the second round, and even fewer went into the third.

Since I’m not about to spend the time to track who the Eagles could potentially select with the pick they got from the Vikings, it’s likely that this year’s Mock Draft Database is going to be much less extensive. Instead, it’s likely going to be more of a Mock Draft Roundup of what some of the mocks that do actually extend past the first round see the Vikings doing.

As we’ve generally started the Mock Draft Database in the week leading up to the NFL Scouting Combine, I will be looking around for mocks that do actually go past the first round. This roundup, like the Mock Draft Database, will likely be done on Saturdays so that people have some good Vikings-related stuff to read on the weekends. I will probably also be doing some sort of a Vikings-centric mock draft through one of the many simulators that are out there for folks to do that kind of thing.

We will also likely be looking into doing a more extensive community mock draft that we can start early enough to go multiple rounds.

However, it does not appear that we’re going to be doing the same Mock Draft Database that our readers have become accustomed to over the past few seasons, simply because it’s much more difficult to do when the team doesn’t have a first round selection.

If you’d like to flip through the past databases for kicks and giggles, you can find them all below:

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