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Vikings Valentines

Having some Valentine’s Day fun with the Vikings.

Eric Thompson

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! And for you single folks out there, happy Taco Tuesday! (Everyone’s a winner!)

While love is in the air today, NFL fans are left feeling a little gloomy in the middle of February. We just had our first weekend without football since August, we’re still over ten weeks away from the NFL Draft, and free agency doesn’t even start until next month*. It’s a hard time for any football fan regardless of relationship status.

(*= Well you could argue that free agency starts tomorrow with the ability for teams to franchise players, but the Vikings never use the franchise tag anyway.)

A lot of professional franchises take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for cutesy Valentine’s puns involving their players. The Minnesota Wild have posted a handful today, like this one involving Ryan Suter:

Cute, right? As of this posting, the Vikings’ excellent social media team hasn’t joined in on the fun yet today, so I thought I would help out by handing out some Valentine’s Day cards based on Vikings players.

I started with a couple that I could see the Vikings actually using from their official account, like the Stefon Diggs valentine in the headline photo or this one from Adam Thielen:

Or maybe this one from Xavier Rhodes:

Or perhaps this one featuring Everson Griffen?

What an adorable message to send to the special Vikings fan in your life! Or perhaps you prefer something slightly more risqué for your Valentine? Are you hungry for love like Linval Joseph?

Or maybe you’re the type of Valentine that likes to celebrate the little things, like 5-yard completions from Sam Bradford:

If those aren’t doing anything for you or your valentine, then you’re probably a self-loathing Vikings fan. One of the types that isn’t truly happy unless you’re bringing up some of the lowlights of your favorite team. Don’t worry, we have plenty of options for you too! Like this one with Mike Zimmer:

Or this one featuring Adrian Peterson:

Or this one at the expense of T.J. Clemmings:

And this Teddy Bridgewater valentine that’s sure to incur a “Too soon!” from any recipient:

But not everyone has a valentine. Perhaps you’re spending today lamenting a lost love. Fear not, because we have you covered thanks to Blair Walsh:

So there you have it—a valentine for every Vikings fan! Feel free to use these for that special someone in your life today. Have any suggestions that I might have missed? Feel free to hit me up at @eric_j_thompson and I’ll throw it together for you. (If it isn’t blatantly obvious already, these only take a few seconds to create.)

(Special thanks to @ldn_hawk and @JonoNewton for suggesting the Griffen and Walsh ideas, respectively.)