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Watch All Of Randy Moss’ 40+ Yard Touchdowns put all of these into video form

NFL: Preseason-Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

As we informed you yesterday, the great Randy Moss hit big 4-0 on Monday. In honor of the milestone, the folks from the NFL’s official website thought it would be nice if they gave all of us Minnesota Vikings fans a gift.

They took all of the touchdowns of 40 yards or more Moss scored in his illustrious career and put them into one video. They were even nice enough to put them in chronological order.

How great a deep threat was Moss during his time in the NFL? Well, this video of all his 40-yard touchdowns checks in at just over nine minutes in length, which is pretty darn impressive.

Unfortunately, thanks to the NFL being the NFL, we can’t actually give you the embed of the video here. But we can do the next best thing and give you the link to the video on YouTube right here.

Every Randy Moss 40+ Yard Touchdown

With so many huge plays on that video, which one is your favorite? Talk about it in the comments below!