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Everson Griffen Out Supporting The Timberwolves

The big man got some screen time at the Target Center on Tuesday.

NFL: Pro Bowl Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always nice to see members of the Minnesota Vikings out supporting the other local sports teams (and vice versa, naturally). Tonight at the Target Center, one of the members of the purple got some unexpected screen time.

Near the end of the third quarter of their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward Andrew Wiggins hit this big shot to send the game into the fourth quarter tied.

After Wiggins hits the shot to end the third quarter, you’ll notice that he does a bit of celebrating with a rather large man under the Timberwolves’ basket. Said large man then proceeds to go a little crazy in front of the camera.

That’s Vikings’ defensive end Everson Griffen, who apparently came out tonight (and got some pretty prime seats) to support the Timberwolves. Minnesota ultimately lost this one to the reigning NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, by a score of 116-109. Wiggins had 41 points in the loss.

Football really doesn’t lend itself to these sorts of celebrations like basketball does, so I’m guessing you won’t see Wiggins jogging onto the field to celebrate a sack with Griffen any time soon. Still, it’s nice to see the Vikings’ players out there supporting the other local squads.