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Vikings Documentary Looking For Stories From Fans

If you’ve got a story about your Vikings fandom, the directors want to hear from you.

Anderson kicks a field goal Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hat tip to The Viking Age for getting wind of this one before we did.

If there’s one thing that fans of the Minnesota Vikings know all about, it’s getting their hearts ripped out and stomped on in all sorts of new and creative ways. A couple of enterprising film directors out there are going to be putting together a film all about it, and your story of being a fan can be a part of it.

The film Wide Left is, according to their FaceBook page, “an unofficial documentary film about the Minnesota Vikings and their fans journey and experiences from the 1998 playoff run until present day.” It’s going to be a feature-length film, and is going to be released on YouTube for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They are targeting a release date sometime in the next couple of months, according to their page.

If you would like to submit your entry about your experiences as a fan of the Minnesota Vikings over the last (almost) two decades, they’ve got a Google Doc set up for you to submit your entry to. Their deadline for submissions is one week from today, on Sunday, 5 March, and the document has some tips for how they would like your video to be submitted. (Pro tip: Turn your phone sideways.)

In addition to the FaceBook link above, you can follow them on the Twitter machine as well.

So, if you’re a die-hard Vikings fan that has a story that they want to tell about your favorite football team, you could get the chance to be on film! Or YouTube. . .they don’t really use film anymore today, I guess. Hopefully some of you folks out there will be a part of the production.