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Daily Norseman talks a Falcons fan off the ledge

Eric joins Falcons fan Chase Thomas to try and figure out exactly what went wrong for Atlanta in the Super Bowl.

Chase Thomas Podcast

Oh, those poor Atlanta Falcons fans. They had a 25-point lead with less than 25 minutes left in the game, yet somehow didn’t come away with their franchise’s first Super Bowl title. It’s the kind of gut-punch defeat that stays with you for a lifetime.

As supporters of a franchise that has specialized in crushing our hopes in new and creative ways for most of the past 50 years, Minnesota Vikings fans are uniquely qualified to identify with the emptiness that Falcons fans have been feeling since James White inched across the plane in overtime on Sunday night.

Ted has already penned an open letter to Falcons fans on how to cope with snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Last night I did my part by talking to Atlanta native and Falcons fan Chase Thomas on his podcast. We tried to figure out exactly how the Falcons blew the seemingly insurmountable lead (spoiler: we couldn’t) and considered the Falcons’ chances of making it back to the Super Bowl in the near future (spoiler: not great given recent history).

All of our depressing conversation didn’t completely revolve around the Falcons—we talked about the Vikings’ sketchy future as well! We discussed the prospects of the Bradford/Shurmur combo, the possibility of replacing Adrian Peterson with Cordarrelle Patterson, and which teams from each conference might be contenders in 2017. Like most of my other appearances on Chase’s show, we also go off on a few fun football tangents as well.

You can listen to the show on SoundCloud below, and you can subscribe to the Chase Thomas Podcast on iTunes here. It’s always a great time being a guest on Chase’s show; you should check out his other episodes that cover just about everything on the sports and pop culture landscape. Enjoy!