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Norse Code Podcast Episode 175: The Million-Dollar Island

This week, Arif and Dusty take a quick look at the swirling morass of free agency rumors in advance of the scouting combine. Featuring further attempts to divine Adrian Peterson's mindset and a strong list of names you may not have thought of as free agency candidates for the Vikings, this episode hits its marks (but doesn't win the free island, on purpose.)

Last week, we covered the NFL combine and which players to watch. The combine is starting today, so if you wanted that be sure to listen to guest Kyle Crabbs give us a good rundown of the positions of interest.

This week, we cover free agency and dig up names that have gone underdiscussed among Vikings fans as solid targets that could turn into real gems. Also, we go into the Adidas island.

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Episode Notes:

  • The Vikings might be interested in Latavius Murray
  • If they aren’t, there’s a little known running back that we’ve recently learned will be availabe. They are the favorites to sign someone named Adrian Peterson.
  • Be sure to check out for free agency quick tips and updates. They have the best database of contracts, update the earliest and have great explainers on their site.
  • Also Jeanna Thomas has the one-stop-shop for free agency rumors. Click there.

I’ve started a political podcast with Ben Natan from Bleeding Green Nation. It’s hosted at, and the first episode—covering the DNC chair and elements of the refugee crisis—is up.

I’ve been doing production profiles for a number of positions. Check them out:

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