Post-free agency Vikings mock, take 1

Here we are, after the initial rush of free agency with some dire needs taken care of and a little pressure taken off the draft. However, free agency is not over and before the draft starts, I would make one more move at least to take even more need-pressure off the draft. That is ..

Free agency acquisition: Michael Floyd, WR

Somewhere in the range of 2 years, 3 million total with only year 1 guaranteed at 1.5. I think he gives you some presence in a wide receiver group that was pared down a but, although the two big producers remain. Good starting trio that allows the Vikings to look at a developmental guy in the draft with a late pick. I know Floyd has baggage but he also has talent worth gambling on, and it might stand to reason that being close to home (and close to Hazelden) can get him what he needs to make his career his focus. Not getting housed and driving.

So on to the draft, where the Vikings still have needs but not as many. I am not using a simulator but I am monitoring various sites' projections on where prospects will be taken. I am mostly drafting on talent available, but it's an mperfect science in a mock. And of course, I do have to address need.

Round 2 pick 48: Pat Elflein, C/G, Ohio State

I had him in my last mock but a round later. I have previously tinkered with ways to get him later and then realized I was woefully undervaluing him despite what some of the simulators say. I think he is a polished guy with intangibles that you want in a future center who can start year 1 at guard and be groomed at center. I don't want to mess around and lose the interior lineman I covet the most (after Lamp, who I would take instead if he fell). Versatility is key, and this guy has it. And yes, this is a need pick. But I also think when you can combine need and talent available, you do it. At this point in round 2, you are picking from the top of a position group.

Round 3 pick 79: Marcus Maye, S, Florida

"Why would you spend a high pick on a safety when Sendejo is fine?" Because that is what Sendejo is -- fine. The other answer: talent. I am not someone who supports listing out team needs and addressing them each in order in the draft, so when I see talent available at a position ripe for an upgrade, I take it. Deep safety class means you are getting good value in a guy who I think ordinarily goes early round 2 if not for depth of talent of safeties in this draft. Vikings would do well to help themselves to one of them (I like the other Marcus too) and give themselves potential to have interchangeability at safety so Zimmer can confuse the bejezus out of quarterbacks. I think Sendejo is fine, but I also think he limits what you do and has no further upside.Whereas a true interchangeable safety, which I think Maye is, can be trusted to consistently protect the back end of your defense to allow Smith to roam the line of scrimmage and vice versa.

Round 3 pick 86 (from Miami): Adam Bisnowaty, OT, Pittsburgh

"Another OT from Pittsburgh??!! Are you nuts?" Need rears its head a bit here but I also think it's good value here, to provide an option for a left tackle long term or perhaps to challenge early on for right tackle and perhaps provide an out in Remmers' contract for 2017. His profiles read like he has some physicality to him to maybe put him into a swing tackle role. Overall like his mean streak and frame.

Round 4 pick 121: Alex Anzalone, OLB, Florida

Athlete pick here (but don't worry, he's also gritty lunch pail guy!) in the fourth round with the metrics Zimmer likes. But he does have injury risk so you would be gambling on his athleticism prevailing. Athleticism to help him cover and rush the passer. Put him in the mix to challenge for Greenway's spot.

Round 4, pick 129 (from Miami): Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma

The Miami trade from last year continues to pay off. With the second of Miami's picks the Vikings get a nice complement back for Murray and McKinnon. I think Perine can be a workhorse if you want it. Seems like a nice game closer back if the Vikings find themselves up 7 in the fourth quarter. Short yardage was a problem last season -- killed games at times. Offensive line failures were chiefly responsible but an upgrade at running back will help too. He lacks big-time breakaway speed, but he is not slow for his weight (4.65 40 at 240 pounds). He has good enough speed and talent at the line to gash teams and give you good down-distance situations that can take pressure off the passing game that had virtually no margin for error last year with no run game.

Round 5 pick 160: Jonnu Smith, TE, Florida International

Talent pick who would address a long term need and in the short term could create the "seam-buster" tight end and paired with Rudolph could give you a threatening pair for when Shurmur wants two tight ends who can catch on the field at the same time. I think Morgan can catch. But he lacks the athleticism of Smith, who led his position group at the combine in vertical (38 inches!!), broad jump (17 inches), 20-yd shuttle (4.18 sec) and 60-yd shuttle (11.57 sec). I see an explosive guy with good (not spectacular, but 4.62 40 at 250 pounds is very good) speed who adds a big play threat to the offense for a quarterback who excelled last year with downfield accuracy, even if we all wished he threw downfield more often.Also, I think it's something Shurmur is searching for given the interest shown in Jared Cook.

Round 6 pick 199: Robert Davis, WR, Georgia State

Big-time athletic pick at a position where the Vikings are searching for a deep threat. This guy gives you incredible athletic profile: 6-3 219 with 33-inch arms, who can run 4.44 in the 40 and had a ridiculous vertical jump (41 inches) and broad jump (136 inches). He's raw from a small school in the Sun Belt, which is how this kind of athlete falls. I don't know if he will fall to round 6. But that is the consensus in the imperfect science of draft projections. Exactly what you want at this pick, but also might end up being too attractive for some team to pass up earlier. I would trade up to the top of the round for him if need be.

Round 7 pick 232: Freddie Stevenson, FB, Florida State

Not a great fullback class and I think we all know Mitch Leidner will be gone in the first round. But it is a need and this guy appears to be the top of the class. If he's not there, I would take best available corner or quarterback, depending on which guy rates higher. I like Nate Hairston from Temple if they wanted a developmental late-round cornerback.

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