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Teddy Bridgewater Is Throwing A Football Again!

The comeback continues for #5.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been seven months since Teddy Bridgewater suffered the non-contact knee injury that prematurely ended his 2016 season and put his immediate future in the National Football League in doubt. Now, in a video that has surfaced through Bridgewater’s instagram account, we see #5 taking his first real steps back towards becoming the Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback.

The following video appeared on Bridgewater’s Instagram page earlier today.

Obviously, he doesn’t look quite the same at this point, but again. . .he’s seven months removed from his leg almost falling off, so it’s still pretty impressive. We’ve seen Bridgewater doing agility drills in videos previously, but this is the first time we’ve seen him doing what Mike Zimmer might refer to as “football-related activities.”

We know that Bridgewater has a long way to go (and, if he’s attempting to get back for 2017, a short time to get there). But after what he meant to the team in his first two seasons and how many Vikings fans immediately took to him since he was drafted, it’s hard not to be happy as heck to see this.

Hopefully we’ll have more. . .and continuing positive. . .updates on Teddy Bridgewater’s progress.