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Mike Zimmer Is Pretty Involved In Teddy Bridgewater’s Rehab

Possibly a little too involved.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We saw yesterday that Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is back to throwing a football again, which is incredibly encouraging for fans of the purple. Perhaps the healing touch of Mike Zimmer has something to do with his progress.

At his interview at the NFL’s Annual Meetings today, Zimmer talked a bit about Bridgewater’s progress and. . .well, things got a little weird.

(Joke about Rex Ryan goes here.)

Quite frankly, I’m completely in favor of whatever it takes to get Bridgewater healed and back on the field again, whether it’s Mike Zimmer tickling his foot or Pedro Cerrano sacrificing a live chicken in the locker room. I just don’t see Mike Zimmer as the sort of “coochie coochie coo” type of guy when it comes to dealing with his players. But, apparently, he is.

I’m sure that Certified Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman™ is doing everything he can to help Teddy along, but anything extra couldn’t possibly hurt, I suppose.