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NFL Draft Order Finalized As Vikings 'Win' Coin Toss...For Eagles...Or Something

The coin toss to finalize the draft order has been made, and by winning the coin toss the Vikes are hurt later on in the draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today there was a coin toss between the Vikings and the Indianapolis Colts to finalize the draft order, and the best outcome possible for the Vikings was if they actually lost the coin toss. That would have given them earlier picks in later rounds, but yeah, they won the coin toss, so they got the 14th pick in the first round, not the 15th pick.

Oh, the 14th pick belongs to Philadelphia, because of the Sam Bradford trade. So yeah, instead of getting a later first round pick and an earlier second round pick, the Eagles get the earlier first round pick, the Colts pick 15th, and the Vikings, who don't have their first pick until the second round, pick 48th. Had they lost the coin flip, they would be selecting 46th. So that's just one more little kick in the gonads that was the 2016 season, man. So glad it's over.

But at least we now know the Vikings complete draft order, which means we can make wildly accurate mock drafts and trades, woo hoo! Here is a complete list of the Vikings picks next month:

1st round: NOOOOOOPE

2nd round: 48 overall

3rd round: 79 overall, 86 overall (from Miami)

4th round: 121 overall, 129 overall (from Miami)

5th round: 159 overall

6th round: 198 overall

7th round: 233 overall