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Report: Shariff Floyd's Career In Jeopardy

The knee injury suffered last September has had an unexpected turn

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Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Last season, big things were expected from Vikings DT Shariff Floyd. The 23rd overall pick in the 2013 draft suffered an early season knee injury, and what was expected to be a missed game or two became a full season saga that ended with him going on IR late in the season.

It was frustrating for Floyd, the coaching staff, and fans, and a lot of folks were wondering what the issue really was.

Well, we may now know. A short while ago, former Vikings beat writer and current USA Today NFL reporter Tom Pelissero broke a story that indicates Floyd's career may be in jeopardy. In it, Pelissero describes complications from the knee surgery last season that's resulted in serious complications for Floyd. From the report:

The nerve that controls Floyd's quadriceps was disrupted during surgery in September to clean up the meniscus in his right knee, and nearly six months later, the quad still isn't firing, people with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports.

I'm not a doctor, but yeah, that's not good. And this would go a long way in explaining a fairly cryptic Instagram post from Floyd a few days ago, where he asked God to grant him 'one last run'.

If he can improve, there was no timetable for when he will be 100% healthy, but there's no indication that it will be soon. This late development could very well affect the Vikings draft strategy, and helps put in to a little clearer context the Datone Jones free agency signing.

We'll have more on this situation as it develops.