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Roughing The Podcast 22: We Feel Very Appreciated

On the eve of free agency, we talk AP, the FA tenders, who the Vikings should target at what position in free agency, the Combine, and listener questions with guest Yinka Ayinde

Dave Stefano

Episode 22 of Roughing The Podcast is out, and we were joined by renowned Vikings expert Yinka Ayinde, who contributes at RSEN, Cold Omaha, and Vikings Prime. Check out his stuff there, because pretty soon he'll be writing at more places than our good friend Arif.*

*That's literally not possible, but Yinka will be a star one day, anyway.

In this episode, we hit on the following:

We opened by talking about the Chad Greenway retirement. Although it was time, he was a great player for the Vikings, and an even better person. We also briefly touch on how his retirement might affect the Vikings as free agency nears.

From there, at about the 10 minute mark, it was on to the unappreciated Adrian Peterson, and we all have some thoughts on the situation, whether or not he's coming back to Minnesota, and how much he'll make.

At 28:30, we discuss the Vikings tendering Jeremiah Sirles and Adam Thielen, what it means for those guys, and what it means for the Vikings going forward.

At 30:30, we play a game called 'Stay or Go'. We went through the list of all the Vikings in house free agents, and discussed whether that player was going to stay with the Vikings or go elsewhere.

At 44 minutes, we get into the just completed NFL Combine. We talk winners, losers, and guys that might have been off the radar that might have caught the eye of the Vikings for the upcoming draft. Yinka even breaks some news...with a a level of author-uh-tie we all respect.

At 51:45, we discuss whether or not the Vikings should stay put with their draft picks, or try and move up in to the first round. And Yinka wants to draft a tight end early WHAAAAAAAAT?

At 1:02:30, we wrap up the show, as always, with listener questions.

Let us know what you think of the show by leaving a comment below, or even better, a review on iTunes or Stitcher. Thanks for listening!

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