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Norse Code Podcast Episode 176: Combine Recap with Ethan Young

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by college and NFL scout and Bleacher Report draft writer Ethan Young to talk about the combine, specifically how Young thinks athletic performances at the combine will translate into player performances for just about every position on the field. Featuring a mailbag where Arif insists for possibly the last time that he doesn't hate Chad Greenway, this episode is essential listening!

We go back to the Combine well and interview Ethan Young, who runs OaSIS Intel and invented Slaytics—a method of combining size and athleticism into one composite score. He crunches numbers just as much (if not more) than I do, so he’s just as qualified to let us know who the combine winners and losers really were.

We go over all the position groups and then talk about ideal draft scenarios for the Minnesota Vikings.

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Episode Notes:

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