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Vikings Free Agency: Eddie Lacy To Visit

The former Packers running back will be stopping in for a visit.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of the Riley Reiff signing, there are multiple reports out that RB Eddie Lacy, formerly of the Green Bay Packers, will be coming to Minnesota to pay a visit.

Lacy, the Packers first round draft choice in 2013, began his career with back to back 1,000 yard seasons, and looked to finally be the long term answer at running back for the Vikings most hated rival. But he has battled weight and injury issues the last two seasons, and his career came to a crashing thud in 2016, as injuries limited him to only five games, 360 yards rushing, and no touchdowns in 2016.

Lacy, if healthy, could be a potential replacement for future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson, who relayed through his Dad that he felt 'unappreciated' by the Vikings, and has hit the open market. And although the value of Peterson seems to be cratering, a replacement like Lacy could even be cheaper, with more potential long term upside if he's healthy.

There has been no time given on when Lacy will arrive in Minnesota, but I'm sure Manny's will have a table ready. We'll keep you posted as things develop.