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Some Familiar Faces In Upcoming Spring Football League

Including one that some Vikings fans might even remember.

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

There’s a new spring football league that will be debuting in a few months called. . .creatively enough. . .The Spring League. It will be a four-team league that will take place at the Greenbriar Resort in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, which is a site that has served as a training camp for several teams in the past.

The league has released its collection of players for the league, and there are some familiar names on the list.

Some of the more familiar name are former Dallas Cowboys’ defensive end Greg Hardy, former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr. (who I believe has been out of the league for a while), and former New York Giants’ running back Ahmad Bradshaw. For the most part, the league appears to be a potential showcase for guys that have fallen off of the NFL’s radar and are looking for another shot.

There aren’t a lot of other names that might be immediately familiar to fans of the Minnesota Vikings, but there is one that most of us should remember. Yes, we are once again seeing the resurfacing of one McLeod John Balthazar Bethel-Thompson, who has bounced all over the league and spent several training camps with the Vikings. He’s one of only four quarterbacks listed, and the league is only going to have four teams, so hey. . .he’s finally going to get a shot to play, it appears.

According to the site where you can purchase tickets if you’re interested, the games will be taking place between 15 April and 26 April. . .so the league will start and finish before the 2017 NFL Draft on 27 April. Their FAQ says that all of the games will be nationally televised, so if you can’t make the trek to West Virginia, you could potentially follow along that way, too.