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Mike Zimmer Scheduled For Eye Surgery On Monday

The head coach is going under the knife once again.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve seen a lot about the right eye of Mike Zimmer since the end of the 2016 regular season when the issue caused him to miss the Minnesota Vikings’ game against the Dallas Cowboys. The head coach has had multiple surgeries on the eye already, and he’s scheduled to go under the knife again next week.

Ben Goessling of is reporting that Zimmer will undergo another surgery on his right eye on Monday, the day that players can return to Winter Park for offseason workouts. It will be the fifth operation that Zimmer has had on the eye, and there will be a sixth one as well, though we don’t know when that one will occur.

In this particular procedure, the oil bubble that has been on Zimmer’s eye since December will be replaced by an oxygen bubble that will allow his detached retina to heal. (Unrelated note: Holy hell, does that sound thoroughly unenjoyable.)

Zimmer scratched the eye during the Vikings’ loss to the Chicago Bears on Halloween last season, and had the first of his surgeries shortly thereafter.

Here’s hoping that this upcoming surgery for the head coach does, in fact, finally fix the issues that he’s been having.