The Complete Vikings Draft Board

The rational is that BPA = best player available from the "team board" - NOT the BIG BOARD (all players).

This is my version of the Vikings team board, and "best" player does not neccesarily just mean most talented, or most skilled, but best fit, and "position of need" doesn't just mean "WR" or "OG", but which kind - do we really need another developmental WR, a zone-scheme pass-por guard who cannot run-block? for example.

Will publish a write-up and more complete (composite) board as we get closer to draft day.

So, here is the first draft (no pun intended):

This board is based on many sources, including multiple mocks, feedback here at the DN, and heavily reliant on scouting reports

The above draft board is based on role-specific draft practices.

Beyond simple mapping of position-needs to draft selections (for example, "we need a WR"), but taking an assessment of long term needs in terms of much more specific roles within position groups (for example "we need a deep-threat WR").

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