Can you out Slick Rick? DN draft challange hub post


All right DNers, the draft kicks off tonight, and with it official start of the DN draft challenge. Here are a refresher of the rules:

- You are trying to assemble the best draft class possible out of the players who are on the board when the Vikings draft

- Once the Vikings are on the clock, comment on this thread with the player you would like to select, using the following format:

RD2, Pick 48: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

- If you miss a selection, no worries, simply turn in your pick as soon as possible, BUT any players that have been drafted are no longer eligible. You have been "jumped" by not getting your pick in in time, just like in the real draft.

- Each pick will be recorded for each member after the pick has taken place

- Repeat the process for next pick

- At the end of the draft, all of the participating members will have a complete draft of players

- Over the next few years we will track our players against each other, and the Vikings actual class

- Soon we will know who can recognize talent, and who is full of hot air

- The best drafters get bragging rights going forward. Poor drafters will be ignored and ridiculed in future draft discussions

That's it! No need to sign up, just be ready to get your pick in once the Vikings are on the clock!

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