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2017 NFL Draft: Vikings Make Trade With Cincinnati Bengals

The Vikings made a trade, and this time they moved up.

NFL: Beyond The Stripes Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2017 NFL Draft rolls on, the Minnesota Vikings actually made a move up the draft board in order to acquire a player they felt they couldn’t pass up.

The Vikings gave up the fourth-round pick that they acquired from the Miami Dolphins in last year’s draft to move up seven spots and select Florida State running back Dalvin Cook.

Moving up in the draft has been a bit of a rarity for Rick Spielman, but in this case it looks like something that the team thought they couldn’t pass up. For the Bengals, they get to drop back a few spots and pick up another mid-round draft selection.

After this trade, the Vikings still have both of their third round selections, #79 and #86 overall. We will continue bringing you the best coverage of the Minnesota Vikings’ 2017 NFL Draft that you’ll find anywhere. Keep it tuned here, folks!