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Mitch Mathews: Vikings Wide Receivers Group Is “Real”

Mathews hasn’t been with the team long, but he’s already part of the group.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins
Pictured: Not Mitch Mathews, because I couldn’t find a picture of him we could use. Read the story.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receiver Mitch Mathews hasn’t been a member of the Minnesota Vikings for very long, but it appears that the team’s wide receiver corps has already made him feel right at home.

During last night’s draft, Mathews shared a text message he received from fellow wide receiver Stefon Diggs after being on the team for just a few days.

This speaks to the sort of person and leader that Stefon Diggs is for this football team. He’s going into his third year in the league, but he’s realized that he’s already one of this team’s top offensive players, and is doing what he can to make the newer players feel as though they’re a part of the team and that they’re not missing anything.

It’s great to see stuff like this from our favorite football team, isn’t it? Mathews sharing this sort of insight is pretty cool, in my opinion. Kind of makes you root for the guy to make the club, doesn’t it?