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2017 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Trade With Kansas City Chiefs

For the second time this draft weekend, the Vikings and Chiefs have made a deal

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time this draft weekend, the Minnesota Vikings have made a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The trade moves the Vikings completely out of Round 4 of this year’s draft, as they’ve moved all the way down to #170 overall. They also get another fifth-round selection, #180 overall.

The Chiefs then used pick #139 overall to draft Michigan wide receiver Jehu Chesson.

The Vikings are loading up on late-round picks, as they now have two selections in Round 5 (#170 and #180), one in Round 6 (#199), and four in Round 7 (#215, #230, #232, #245).

So, the Vikings have a bit of a break, as they’re next scheduled to select at #170 overall in Round 5.