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Minnesota Vikings Undrafted Free Agent Tracker 2017: All Signings and Rumors

The 2017 NFL Draft is in the books, but there are miles to till before we sleep.

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Current (reported) list of Minnesota Vikings’ Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Tommy Armstrong, QB, Nebraska (Tryout, likely moving to WR)

Tashawn Bower, DE/OLB, Louisiana State

Dylan Bradley, DE, Southern Mississippi

Aviante Collins, OL, Texas Christian

Derrick Griffin, WR, Texas Southern (Tryout)

Caleb Kidder, DE, Montana

Wes Lunt, QB, Illinois

Jack Nelson, QB, Winona State (Tryout)

Terrell Newby, RB, Nebraska

Josiah Price, TE, Michigan State

Horace Richardson, CB, Southern Methodist

Richie Sampson, S, Coastal Carolina

R.J. Shelton, WR, Michigan State

Austin Tennessee, DB, Stevenson

Eric Wilson, LB, Cincinnati

Drew Wolitarsky, WR, Minnesota (Tryout)

Reminder: Some of these UDFA signings wind up just being rookie tryouts, but it’s not always clear that’s the case. We’ll try to separate them as best we’re able.

UPDATE: From KSTP’s Darren Wolfson, Minnesota wide receiver Drew Wolitarsky is getting a tryout with the Vikings.

UPDATE: According to the Missoulian, Montana defensive end Caleb Kidder is heading to Minnesota.

UPDATE: Richie Sampson, a safety from Coastal Carolina University, is heading to Minnesota.

UPDATE: Stevenson defensive back Austin Tennessee is signing with the Minnesota Vikings.

UPDATE: Winona State quarterback Jack Nelson is being invited by the Vikings for a tryout.

UPDATE: Michigan State wide receiver R.J. Shelton appears to be on his way to Minnesota.

UPDATE: Michigan State tight end Josiah Price has declared that he is coming to Minnesota.

UPDATE: Per Walter Football, Cincinnati linebacker Eric Wilson is coming to Minnesota.

UPDATE: Texas Southern wide receiver Derrick Griffin is reportedly coming to Minnesota, per the Houston Chronicle.

UPDATE: Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong reports that he is signing with the Vikings.

UPDATE: Illinois quarterback Wes Lunt is reportedly signing with the Vikings as an undrafted free agent.

UPDATE: According to Walter Football, Southern Mississippi defensive end Dylan Bradley is signing with the Vikings as an undrafted free agent.

UPDATE: Texas Christian offensive lineman Aviante Collins is reportedly coming to Minnesota.

UPDATE: LSU defensive end/outside linebacker Tashawn Bower is coming to Minnesota.

UPDATE: Nebraska running back Terrell Newby is reportedly coming to Minnesota.

UPDATE: Apparently we have our first UDFA signing, direct from the player’s coach himself. This is Southern Methodist cornerback Horace Richardson.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to the end of the 2017 NFL Draft! All of the picks are in, and now the second half of the process can get underway.

This will be the place where we curate all of the rumors and innuendo. . .and probably some actual signings, too. . .of players in the scramble for Undrafted Free Agents across the National Football League.

It might not be as glorious as the actual draft itself, but the Undrafted Free Agent process is a big part of building an NFL team. After all, there are a ton of players that slip through the cracks that will find their way onto NFL rosters this coming season. And who could forget that one of the greatest Vikings of all time, defensive tackle John Randle, went from undrafted free agent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

So, we will do our best to piece together who has signed with the Vikings, who’s rumored to be signing with the Vikings, and all of that fun stuff for you in one place here. Feel free to talk about any rumors you’ve seen or heard. . .and NO GIFs here, either, as a lot of folks will be coming here looking for Vikings’ information and we don’t want them getting bogged down.

Thanks to everyone that’s come to The Daily Norseman for their 2017 NFL Draft coverage, but we’re not done yet!