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New Orleans is the latest stop on the Adrian Peterson World Tour

The former Vikings running back will be visiting the Saints next week.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-ESPN The Party Red Carpet Entrances
“Will anyone sign me?”
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest running backs in NFL history is still looking for gainful employment in 2017. And in searching for his new team, it appears that Adrian Peterson is prepared to make more stops than Howard Dean’s infamous speech.

With visits to Seattle and New England already in the books, Peterson is looking for suitors at a third NFL city. From the NFL’s Ian Rapoport and Heath Evans:

Seeing Adrian Peterson play in any uniform other than the Vikings’ purple and gold will be odd to say the least, but this possibility might be the weirdest of them all. The infamous NFC Championship Game in New Orleans was seven and a half years ago, but the venom for all things Saints remains fresh for lots of Vikings fans. Seeing the franchise’s greatest running back ever playing for such a disliked team would be jarring regardless of current opinions of Peterson.

(And before you make the “Well, Peterson has already helped the Saints reach one Super Bowl” joke that I have already seen a couple times on Twitter, remember that AP had an AMAZING game that day. Peterson ran for 125 yards and three of the Vikings’ four scores. He did have two of the Vikings’ six(!) fumbles, but both were recovered by the Vikings.)

It remains to be seen just how serious that Saints are about signing Peterson, but the fact that they are bringing him in to kick the tires is sure to raise some eyebrows. If Peterson’s asking price remains too high, it would be very surprising to see the cash-strapped Saints pay a lot for him.