Xaviers Market

So the Market for Xavier Rhodes contract extension just got a bit clearer.

The Atlanta Falcons just extended Desmond Trufant to a 5 year 69 million deal with 42 million guaranteed. Which i think just about sets Rhodes Market for his extension up coming.

Trufant and Rhodes were both part of the Big 4 Corners in the 2013 NFL Draft along with Dee Milliner and DJ Hayden.

Of Course Milliner was taken pick 9 by the Jets and is currently a Free Agent after not really taking off with the Jets. He only has 3 Interceptions and 19 pass deflections to his credit and was injured for most of the 2016 season.

DJ Hayden was picked 12th overall by the Raiders and was in this years FA class and was picked up by the Lions on a 1 year contract. He had 3 Interceptions and 26 pass deflections with the raiders

Trufant and Rhodes were picked later in the 1st round at 22 and 25 respectfully. The pair have easily been the best corners from that draft.

Trufant's career numbers are as such, 204 tackles 3 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 48 pass deflections, with 7 interceptions. of course Desmond is a legacy having his brothers marcus and isiah also playing corner in the NFL. Trufant only had 2 interceptions in his first two year and then picked up 3 -2 over the last two season.

Rhodes career numbers are similar and are 207 tackles, 0 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 50 pass deflections with 7 interceptions. now while the interception numbers are the same Rhodes only had 2 interceptions his first 3 seasons and really came on last season with 5.

i can see Rhodes getting roughly the same contract as Trufant and the vikes may have been waiting on that extension for some numbers before they get to far with an extension for Rhodes of course thats just all my own speculations on the matter.

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