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We’ve Updated Some Of Our Resources

A couple of pages that we provide to you folks needed a refresh.

Since we’d like to think we offer you more than outstanding commentary and sparkling wit around this place, we wanted to pass along that a couple of our resource pages that some folks might not know about have gotten a long-needed update.

First of all, for the first time in a long time, yours truly went through and did some updates on our incredibly extensive list of Minnesota Vikings Twitter accounts. A few players have been removed, a lot more have been added (including the Vikings’ draft class of 2017), and I think we’ve got the roster just about up to date now. If you notice any names that we may have missed, feel free to let us know and they will be added.

Speaking of the Minnesota Vikings’ 2017 draft class, they have officially been added to our complete list of every single draft pick the purple and gold have ever made. It’s our Minnesota Vikings Draft Pick Database, and it’s completely sortable. Want to know how many times the Vikings have used a draft pick on a stinkin’ punter? (™MarkSP18) Well, you can figure that and any of your other draft-related Vikings queries out quite easily with just one click.

(Spoiler: The answer is 5. . .Ken Duncan, Neil Clabo, Mike Deutsch, Eddie Johnson, and Jeff Locke.)

So, if you haven’t been making use of those things before now, at least you’ve been informed of their existence.